Ever wondered what life is like outside of the mania of city living?  Considering a tree change?  Or battling your way through one?  Then this website is for you.

Hi, I’m Farmer Jen.  Here I’ll share with you some aspects of my life on Eagle Rock Farm farm in the Southern Highlands of New South Wales, Australia.  It’s like having a breath of fresh country air, delivered via your web browser!

Apart from my commercial stock (Angus and Belted Galloway cattle, Dorper sheep, and donkeys) we have a range of Australian wildlife that passes through, from wallabies and kangaroos, to wombats and kookaburras.

I’m a country-girl-turned-city-exec-turned-country-girl again… and what I’ve realised in the process is that you can learn more from the land than you’ll ever know.  You’ll learn that outside of the fastlane, there’s still plenty going on to keep us all busy.

Here you will find information on the animals we breed and sell, either as pets, livestock or farm fresh meat (sorry guys, the steaks in the supermarket have to come from somewhere!) and some of the other services and experiences we share with interested members of the public. Take a look, drop me a line if you have a question, and perhaps you’ll even join us at Eagle Rock Farm at one of our open days soon.

All the best,

Farmer Jen


We breed English-Irish donkeys and Australian donkeys which make wonderful pets and companion animals. All of our donkey stock are small and almost in the official miniature category.Learn More

Farm to fork

We take great delight in growing our own produce and have begun the process of harvesting and selling direct to the public.  Find out what seasonal offers we have available here.                                                                             Learn More

Angus Cattle

We run a herd of about 150 Black Angus breeders and regularly have yearling steers and heifers for sale at market prices, and occasionally older cows and heifers as well.                                           Learn More

Belted Galloways

Belted Galloways – or Belties – are my favorite cattle of all! We have a small herd that has been growing in size since 2006 when I bought my foundation herd of registered breeders from Alcheringa StudLearn More

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